The Best Gambling Destinations In Asia

Asia is a world leader in the gambling industry. Another 5 years ago, Macao won over Las Vegas, and this year Singapore ranks first. So the fame of Vegas has remained in the past. A new era has begun in the evolution of land-based casinos and it is taking place in Asia.


In China, the authorities strongly oppose gambling, whether online or offline. Gambling is completely illegal in China, and anyone who breaks the law is punished. The government is trying to block citizens’ access to online casinos through the so-called Great Chinese Firewall. Of course, people in China quite often break the rules. China’s gambling business is booming, even though the authorities are doing their best to limit it. The only legal gambling in China that comes close to the classic gambling is the National Lottery, which is accessible to all and generates profits as high as the American Lottery. When it comes to Macau, things are different. Macao is part of China but has its own government and different laws. It is an administrative region with special status. This region has its own economy and political system. In Macao, gambling is a prerequisite. Macau is the most visited destination when it comes to gambling, surpassing even Las Vegas. Last year, revenues from the 33 casinos exceeded £ 27.5. The first 8 places on the list of “World’s Top ten Casinos” are occupied by casinos in Macao – Galaxy Macao, SJM Grand Lisboa, City of Dreams, Wynn Macao, Venetian Macao, MGM Macao, Star World, Sands Cotai.


This year, the number 1 in the world is Singapore. Even if there are only two casinos there, their size is impressive. Marina Bay Sands Resort lights up the sky above the city. The three towers include a swimming pool, numerous restaurants, gardens and nightclubs with a 360 degree view. The complex continues many boutiques, famous restaurants and the largest atrium casino in the world. The other casino in Singapore is Resorts World Sentosa and was one of the most expensive buildings of its kind. In addition to the huge casino, here is the largest candy store in the world and the largest aquarium.

South Korea

In South Korea, gambling is illegal. To encourage tourism, South Korea has 16 casinos that can only be visited by tourists. There is only one casino that is accessible to Koreans – Kangwon Land Resort & Casino. Online betting is not technically approved, but Koreans can place bets on regional gambling sites. Jeju Island is the Chinese favorite place for gambling. Here there are 8 casinos that operate without interruption. It has adopted a policy that allows the Chinese to remain on the island for 30 days without a visa. About 80% of the players who visit Jeju are from China. According to information provided by Korean banks, revenues from the 8 casinos exceed $ 1 billion.


The Philippines is a marketplace that offers many forms of gambling. It is a new star in the field of gambling. All Pagcor or Cagayan licensed casinos in the Philippines can be used safely because they are verified and operate legally. For large companies that want to open a casino here, the license is very expensive but the investment is worth it because the tax system is beneficial for international companies. In the coming years, the gambling sector in the Philippines is expected to grow a lot and generate huge revenues. Revenues in 2014 exceeded $ 2.5 billion, but are estimated to exceed $ 4 billion in 2018 and $ 7 billion by 2020. City of Dreams Manila is an impressive $ 1 billion complex. This casino resort has 6 hotels. has 1700 slot machines, about 1700 electronic gaming tables and 380 gaming tables. The complex is located in a district called “City of Fun” which has 8 square kilometers.


Malaysia has only one casino – World Genting, which is located in the mountains, on the border between Selangor and Pahang, an hour’s drive from the capital Kuala Lumpur. The casino was opened in 1965 but has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, until it became one of the most famous luxury casinos in Southeast Asia. Here you can find more than 400 table games and 3,000 slot machines. The complex contains many restaurants, bars and clubs. Whether you choose the casinos in Macau, the exotic places in the Philippines or the beautiful resort in Singapore – all these destinations are made to attract tourists and offer many possibilities to feel good. Casinos, bars, restaurants, exotic nights…. Do you have your passport ready? It will be a dream trip!

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